Welcome to the Clean Energy Research Center - Los Angeles

The Clean Energy Research Center – Los Angeles (CERC-LA), was created by UCLA to tackle many of the grand challenges related to the generation, transmission, storage and management of energy. As many energy challenges are global in nature, this new center will engage the participation of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from many different nations. The director of this new center is Professor Lei He from UCLA’s Electrical Engineering department.

CERC-LA leads a US-China Clean Energy and Climate Change Research Consortium. CERC-LA, together with China National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC), Peking University (PKU) and Fudan University, was selected by US State of Department and China  National Development and Reform Commission as a US-China EcoPartner. We plan for CERC-LA to have satellite offices and laboratories in other cities including Shanghai and Beijing.

More information on our latest CERC-LA brochure.


Why Cooperation on Science and Technology between the US and China is Important
(Courtesy of the US-China Clean Energy Forum)

– United States and China are the world’s two largest economies.
– United States and China are the world’s largest producers and consumers of energy, and
share many common challenges and common interests.
– China and the United States together account for 40 percent of annual global emissions of
greenhouse gases.
– Both countries are highly dependent on coal for electricity – about 50% in the U.S. and 80% in
– Significant actions by both nations are critical to combat climate change globally.
– Both are heavily reliant on foreign sources of oil.
– Both recognize the vital importance of secure, affordable and clean energy.
– Both face common challenges of diversifying sources of energy and transforming users of
– Both see strengthening scientific discovery, as a means to inspire economic competitiveness
and quality of life through innovation.